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2022 Youth Mentoring Research Symposium

Event Dates

The theme of this year's symposium is Mentoring in the 21st Century, which will emphasize new trends in mentoring research and services. Some conference sessions include: 

  • Presentation & Discussion: Youth Mentoring and the Need for Innovative Disruptions
  • Emerging Scholars Presentation: Do Mentors Benefit, Too? Emerging Findings and Promising Future Directions for Research
  • Use of Technology in Mentoring
  • Research on Mentoring LGBTQIA+ Youth: Exploring Identity, Assessing Climate, and Understanding the Importance of Intersectionality
  • Transitional Mentoring
  • Historical Trauma and Mentoring: Understanding the Impact on Youth

There will be a poster session from 6-7 p.m. Wednesday that will feature poster presentations from a curated selection of research and practitioner submissions. 

Date Created: February 23, 2022