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Mental Health Peer Consultation Forums

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These forums provide a safe space for clinicians to share resources, connect with other clinicians doing similar work, and seek guidance on issues of importance. This month's topic will be the Clinician's Role in Sharing Client Information with the Multidisciplinary Team. 

Each forum starts in a large-group format, and then participants are placed in Zoom breakout rooms of five to six to allow for small group discussions and resource sharing. Participants are encouraged to bring case examples to share in small groups and solicit feedback from peers. At the end, participants are brought back together in one large group for a Q&A with the clinical experts.

Mental health clinicians serving children's advocacy center (CAC) children and families (clinicians serving families residing in rural and frontier communities are strongly encouraged to participate). Participation is open to eligible clinicians throughout the U.S.

As a result of this forum, participants will:

  • Gain resources from other clinicians to support their work with children and families
  • Receive informal peer consultation around clinical issues of importance
  • Have the opportunity to share with other clinicians best practices and therapeutic modalities

Please note that only mental health clinicians currently serving children's advocacy center clients are eligible to participate.

Date Created: October 23, 2023