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Multidisciplinary Team Facilitator Peer Forums

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The Regional Children's Advocacy Centers are partnering to host virtual Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) Facilitator Peer Forums. These forums provide a space for MDT Facilitators to connect with their peers across the country doing similar work. Each forum starts in a large-group format to review a topic related to MDT facilitation, and then participants are placed in Zoom breakout rooms for self-facilitated, small-group discussions and resource sharing. At the end, participants are brought back together in one large group for a Q&A with regional staff.

These forums are open nationally to individuals with a primary or shared responsibility for facilitating the success of the MDT (i.e., tending to the relationships, communication and accountability of the MDT at a children's advocacy center).


  • Jordan Benning, MEd, Project Director - Midwest Regional Children's Advocacy Centers
  • Tony DeVincenzo, Training Specialist - Northeast Regional Children's Advocacy Center 
  • Greg Flett, Senior Program Manager - Southern Regional Children's Advocacy Center 
  • Joyce Prusak, Training Specialist - Western Regional Children's Advocacy Center

As a result of this forum, participants will:

  • Gain foundational knowledge and skills for effective team facilitation
  • Apply learning to practice through peer discussions
  • Connect with peers throughout the U.S.

Date Created: October 23, 2023