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National Gang Center Community Violence Intervention—Addressing Gangs: Operating a Multidisciplinary Intervention Team Webinar

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The fourth webinar, Operating a Multidisciplinary Intervention Team, in the "Community Violence Intervention—Addressing Gangs" series will focus on the operation of the multidisciplinary intervention team, as a core strategy in a community violence intervention.  The intervention team intervenes with gang-involved youth, connects them to needed services, and responds to crisis incidents, such as gang-involved shootings.

As a result of this webinar, participants will be able to: 

  • Explain the roles and responsibilities of the intervention team and key agencies;
  • Recognize challenges associated with building the intervention team and strategies for overcoming them;
  • Identify strategies for engaging and working effectively as a team to intervene with gang-involved youth.

Date Created: September 17, 2021