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Opioid Affected Youth Initiative: Promoting Family Engagement in Substance Use Disorder Treatment

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This webinar is part of an eight-part series that will address the challenges associated with opioid and other substance use disorders (SUDs) among children and families. 

These sessions will be dedicated to understanding the specific needs of vulnerable communities and building an evidence-based, holistic, and targeted approach to integrating strategies and solutions to enhance family supports. 

The series will cover the following topics: parent and caregiver engagement, trauma, victimization, substance use disorder, harm reduction, and workplace practices and supports. 

Dr. Marc Fishman, medical director of Maryland Treatment Centers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, will assess the elements of effective family engagement and its critical role in SUD treatment and recovery. This webinar will provide participants the strategies for successfully engaging parents and caregivers in prevention, intervention, and treatment programs and help strengthen the continued efforts to create safer communities, enhance youth's welfare, and broaden opportunities that empower them to lead productive lives.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify barriers to involvement in substance use disorder treatment.
  • Outline innovative approaches to overcoming those barriers.
  • Highlight research-based strategies for improving outcomes for youth in SUD treatment and their families.

Pre-register for this webinar. *Note that the scheduled time for this webinar has yet to be announced. 

Date Created: September 16, 2022