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Tribal Youth Resource Center Online Learning Event: Compassion and Dependability: An Overview of a Framework for Trauma Responsive Practices in Education

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Trauma can leave us feeling isolated or betrayed, which may make it difficult to trust others and receive support. By fostering relationships that are compassionate and attuned, as well as dependable and trustworthy, we help students reestablish trusting connections with others that foster healing and well-being. Compassionate and dependable relationships create opportunities for new, corrective emotional experiences for students impacted by trauma.

This webinar is on Compassion and Dependability, one of the core guiding principles of the Healthy Environments and Response to Trauma in Schools (HEARTS) framework utilized in the Resilient Futures’ Trauma Responsive Practice in Education training curriculum. A brief overview of the HEARTS framework and the full two-day training offering will be included.

Date Created: September 5, 2023