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Department of Justice Application Season is Here!

Prepare early — any time during the year — to ensure your registration and users are up to date in the systems involved in the application process. Review the DOJ Grant Application Submission Checklist to identify which actions you can take now and what to expect when you start an application. 

About OJJDP Funding

The Office of Justice Programs (OJP) offers funding through discretionary and formula grants, cooperative agreements, and payment programs.

Access the fiscal year 2024 Department of Justice Program Plan, a tool to help applicants find potential funding opportunities from DOJ's grant-making components: OJP, the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS), and the Office of Violence Against Women (OVW). 

Find current FY 2024 funding opportunities on the Open Funding page.  

Contact the Office of Justice Programs Response Center with questions:

800–851–3420 (toll-free)
301–240–6310 (TTY for hearing impaired)
[email protected]

The Response Center hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time on solicitation due dates.

View, search and filter a list of previous funding projects to better understand what types of programs OJJDP funds. Each listed award includes a link to a detail screen on which you will see details about the award, a description, and a list of products generated by the awardee. View the awards list

OJJDP awards discretionary grants through a competitive process to states, units of local government, Tribal jurisdictions, and organizations to administer a variety of juvenile justice and child protection programs.

The Office's formula grants support state, local, and Tribal efforts to reduce and prevent delinquency, improve juvenile justice systems, and protect children from violence and abuse.

Funding through formula grants is available to states and territories through the state agency designated by the governor. Juvenile Justice Specialists in each state administer the funding through subgrants to units of local government, private agencies, and American Indian/Alaska Native jurisdictions for programs in accordance with legislative requirements.

See Distribution of Juvenile Justice Formula Grants by State for details on funds awarded to the states through formula grants.

OJJDP is required to set clear program goals and collect performance measure data to demonstrate achievement of those goals. All recipients of OJJDP funding are required to collect and report performance data that demonstrate the results of funded activities. Learn more about OJJDP's Performance Measures program.

The OJJDP Performance Measures Tool (PMT) is a reporting system for grantees to submit performance data about their OJJDP grants.


Stay Informed: Subscribe to JUVJUST for funding announcements. 

Learn about JustGrants, DOJ’s grants management system.

Fiscal Year 2023 Awards

OJJDP Fiscal Year 2023 Grant Awards

Funding awards support: 

  • Youth Mentoring Programs and Services: $92.5 Million
  • Missing and Exploited Children: $90 Million
  • Youth Violence Prevention and Intervention: $52.3 Million
  • Victims of Child Abuse: $39.2 Million
  • Substance Use: $27.6 Million
  • Delinquency Prevention and Intervention: $26.5 Million
  • Juvenile Justice System Support: $22 Million
  • Reentry: $20.2 Million
  • Tribal Youth: $20 Million

View OJJDP's FY 2023 awards. The FY 2023 awards listed include those made to date. 

 Need Help? 


 Applicant assistance is available

Solicitation Questions?
Contact the Office of Justice Programs Response Center at 1–800–851–3420 (TTY: 301–240–6310) or via email.

Grants.gov Questions?
Contact the Grants.gov Support Center at 1–800–518–4726 (TTY: 301–240–6310), via email, or visit the Grants.gov website.

Grant System Questions?
The Grants Management System (GMS) has transitioned to the Department of Justice's new Justice Grants System (JustGrants). Visit the Justice Grants website to learn more about this transition or for JustGrants User Support.

In addition, the Department of the Treasury’s Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP) is now available for enrolled Department of Justice award recipients to request funds. Reference the user guide for information on how to request funds in ASAP.

Current award recipients with specific questions about their awards should reach out to their grant managers for support.

Financial Questions?
For financial questions regarding your award, contact OJP's Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) Service Center at 1–800–458–0786 (TTY: 202–616–3867), or via email.