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The AMBER Advocate, Winter 2016

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January 2017
16 pages
This issue includes in-depth coverage of the 2016 National Tribal Child Protection Leadership Forum and Symposium, describes the expansion of AMBER Alerts into Mexico, and presents a case study of interstate coordination in the return of an abducted child.
"2016 Tribal Symposium" reports on the proceedings of the Tribal Child Protection Leadership Forum and Symposium held in Scottsdale, Arizona, July 19-21, 2016. It was attended by 25 tribes that shared lessons learned and experiences with AMBER Alert coordinators, missing persons clearinghouse managers, and child abduction response team (CART) members. "2016 Tribal Symposium: A Victim's Story" uses Jeri Jimenez's experience of trauma and desperation as a Native American, including her life as a prostitute, as an example of how Indian youth involved in sex-trafficking are desperate for help and should be treated as victims in need of services and social support. "AMBER Alert in Indian Country" reports on the Navajo Nation's issuing of AMBER Alerts through the New Mexico Child Abduction Alert System. "Tribal Symposium: Casey Jo Pipestem Case" draws lessons from the tragic life and murder of a young girl raised in Oklahoma City as a member of the Seminole Tribe. Circumstances that led to her life of drug abuse and prostitution provide an example of the lives of desperation experienced by many young Native Americans. "Profile: Janet Turnbull" describes the work of a U.S. prosecutor working in Mexico City for the U.S. Justice Department as a legal advisor committed to making sure AMBER Alerts work in Mexico. Other articles present a case study of how the South Dakota AMBER Alert rescues children taken in Washington State and describe how AMBER Alert has worked throughout the Nation and in other countries.

Date Published: January 1, 2017