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Connect & Thrive: Maintaining Tribal Youth Connections During a Public Health Crisis

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Date Published
April 2020
4 pages

This report summarizes responses from Tribal program staff in a survey that asked how they maintain connection with youth during a time of separation that occurs during a public health crisis.


The following are some of the responses: 1) Mail or deliver activity packets for youth to complete at home; 2) use safe, age-appropriate social media platforms to maintain face to face connection; 2) Reflect and plan activities for when the youth return to the program; 3) Give parents/caregivers a call and let them know you are thinking about their children and family; and 4) rest and practice self-care to maintain individual and community health. The following are some of the ideas to suggest for youth while they are at home: 1) Read a book; 2) Create a video blog of life; 3) Take a walk or go for a run, remembering safe distances; 4) Create art, including painting, drawing, sketching, weaving, molding, dancing, and singing; 5) Watch a favorite movie or video; 6) Rest; and 7) Stretch.

Date Published: April 1, 2020