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A Guide to the Guidelines: Practical Tips for Juvenile Drug Treatment Courts to Implement

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Date Published
June 2017
13 pages
This guide provides practical tips for juvenile drug treatment courts (JDTCs) in implementing the new Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Guidelines, which are based in research and evidence-based practices, so as to increase the probability that JDTCs will successfully implement recommended practices for youth and their families.
JDTCs are designed to guide and support youth in overcoming concurrent substance use and delinquent behaviors. The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCFJFCJ) is the resource for training and technical assistance for JDTCs nationwide. The practical steps it suggests in this guide are short-term and long-term actions JDTCs can take in implementing seven of the guidelines promulgated by the NCJFCJ for JDTC operations. One set of practical suggestions assists ng a JDTC focus philosophy and practice on addressing substance use and criminogenic needs of participating youth in order to decrease future offending and substance use. A second set of suggestions outlines short-term and long-term actions for developing a process that ensures equitable treatment for all youth by adhering to eligibility criteria and conducting an initial screening. The third set of actions facilitates the development of a court process that engages the full JDTC team in developing fair procedures for implementing family engagement. The fourth set pertains to conducting comprehensive needs assessments that inform individualized case management. The fifth set of action suggestions addresses the implementation of contingency management, case management, and community supervision strategies. The sixth set of action suggestions focuses on referring participants to evidence-based substance-use treatment, other services, and pro-social connections. The seventh set of action suggestions facilitates monitoring and tracking program completion and termination. A list of 11 additional resources

Date Published: June 1, 2017