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"What If ...?" Podcast

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This podcast focuses on the youth services field and seeks to identify community strengths and weaknesses, discussing in season 1 the strength-based practices for mentors developed through research in collaboration with 20 programs from across the US, and season 2 focuses on efforts that can be taken to bring awareness to, and end, human trafficking.


This youth service-field podcast created by Youth Collaboratory seeks to identify community strengths as well as weaknesses, and to work with youth to address issues that impact them. Youth Collaboratory’s partnership with researchers from the mentoring field started in 2014 and sought to develop a model using strength-based practices to guide how programs served youth and families impacted by incarceration. In season 1 of the podcast, they discuss the practices and strategies used in collaboration with 20 mentoring programs from across the US. In season 2, the podcasters go beyond the original question and address human trafficking, what it is, and how to involve community-based processes in the awareness, intervention, and prevention of human trafficking. Season two also includes a Special Feature episode about starting a program for youth impacted by commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC).

Date Published: January 1, 2021