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DOJ Announces New Approach to Reduce Violent Crime

Attorney General Merrick B. Garland recently announced a new strategy to reduce violent crime. Through this strategy, the Department of Justice will deploy federal resources to disrupt threats and support efforts of law enforcement and communities to reduce violent crime.  

"In this endeavor, we will engage our communities as critical partners. And through our grantmaking, we will support programming at all stages – from the earliest violence interruption strategies to post-conviction reentry services," said Attorney General Garland.

As part of this strategy, OJJDP is providing grant funding and resources to support local, state, and Tribal efforts to reduce violent crime, including gang and gun violence. OJJDP fiscal year 2021 funding includes $11 million under the Comprehensive Youth Violence Prevention and Reduction Program and $7 million for Strategies to Support Children Exposed to Violence


Date Published: June 16, 2021