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NIJ Journal Issue Focuses on Youth Justice and Child Protection

JUVJUST - NIJ Journal Issue No. 283, Focus on Children and Youth

The October 2021 issue of the NIJ Journal, published by the National Institute of Justice, focuses on the needs of children and youth, highlighting projects funded by OJJDP and NIJ that advance youth justice and child protection programming. 

The issue includes articles on:

  • Mentoring programs for youth at risk for involvement in the juvenile justice system.   
  • How to address the needs of dual-system youth, with references to research from the OJJDP Dual System Youth Design Study.   
  • OJJDP and NIJ’s collaboration to advance the collection of data on the juvenile justice system.   
  • Scientific research differentiating the impact of abuse versus accidental trauma in children.  
  • And more.   

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Date Published: September 27, 2022