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Community-Based Alternatives to Youth Incarceration Initiative

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The National Institute of Criminal Justice Reform (NICJR) has assembled a diverse, experienced, and dedicated team of experts to work with stakeholders in states nationwide interested in closing youth prisons. NICJR will provide them with training and technical assistance to close and repurpose youth facilities safely; transform shuttered facilities into community assets; develop transition plans for impacted staff; redeploy savings to communities; increase equity; and improve youth outcomes. Expected outcomes will include reducing youth incarceration, repurposing closed facilities to community assets, and realigning funds formerly spent on youth incarceration to community services, supports, and opportunities co-designed with community stakeholders and state stakeholder committees assembled to help ensure reform durability. Engagement of state stakeholders beyond the four OJJDP-selected sites and a communications plan will help foment larger-scale reforms and disseminate project outcomes broadly. 


Date Published: July 12, 2023