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ICAC National Training and Technical Assistance Program - Digital Forensics

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This project expands upon SEARCH’s multidimensional strategy to provide ICAC investigators, examiners, and prosecutors with training to combat technology-facilitated child sexual exploitation. The training component will encompass several core deliverables, including hands-on, laboratory-based training, online self-paced training, webinars, and conference presentations. A long-term strategic element to the project will evaluate training and technical assistance to determine practices other ICAC Task Forces can replicate. In addition, the project provides continuous technical assistance to ICAC Task Force members, forensic examiners, and prosecutors throughout the 15-month project via SEARCH’s well-established web-based national technical assistance program.

Provider Organization

SEARCH Group, Incorporated
Award Details


Training and technical assistance to law enforcement, prosecutors, probation and parole in digital forensics.


  • Detention/Corrections Staff
  • Law Enforcement
  • Probation Officers
  • Prosecutors


This project is eligible to members of an ICAC organization.



Timothy Lott
Director, Cybercrime and Digital Forensics
[email protected]

  • Internet Crimes Against Children

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Date Published: September 15, 2023