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OJJDP FY 15 Juvenile Drug Courts Communities of Practice

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The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) envisions a nation where our children are healthy, educated, and free from violence. If they come into contact with the juvenile justice system, the contact should be rare, fair and beneficial to them. To help OJJDP fulfill this vision, this program will fund Communities of Practice, a project to promote information sharing and learning among juvenile drug courts. The successful applicant will develop a wide range of strategies for juvenile drug courts to connect with one another to problem solve; share information, tools, resources, and experiences; discuss developments and trends related to juvenile drug courts and treatment for adolescent substance abuse; identify and document best practices; and establish peer-to-peer networks. Communities of Practice will inform the current knowledge base of best practices for juvenile drug courts. Legislative authorizing language: 42 USC 3797u et seq.


Number of Awards: 1
Total Amount Awarded: $2,000,000

Date Created: April 23, 2015