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Improving Physical Abuse Documentation and Photography through a Remote Peer Review Intervention

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Since Child Abuse Pediatrics is a small and geographically dispersed specialty, this article reports on an intervention to improve written and photo-documentation quality and uniformity in suspected child physical abuse cases, using a remote, de-identified case review system.


In each cycle, participants submitted de-identified medical reports and photographs for review by a child abuse pediatrics expert. Experts evaluated 3 cycles of 5 cases using a novel rubric and assigned quality interventions for the participants based on their scores. Results indicate that 15 of 16 participants improved scores between cycles 1 and 3 (78% versus 89%, P < 0.001). All participants rated the program as helpful and would recommend it to a colleague. A quality improvement project administered via the internet improves the quality and uniformity of written and photographic documentation in child physical abuse evaluations.  (Publisher abstract provided)

Date Published: January 1, 2021