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Law Enforcement Guide for Sextortion Victims

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Date Published
June 2023
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This brief document provides a description of the crime of sextortion and its impacts on victims, and provides a resource for law enforcement, first responders, and other criminal justice personnel to print and make available to victims and their families.


This document serves as an introduction to (Internet Crimes Against Children) ICAC Sextortion Victim Resource, which is a guide to information for how to react and respond to sextortion; the guide provides next steps to protect victim images or photos, and information on where to seek mental health assistance, as well as additional space for local law enforcement and other community resources to add their agency logos and contact information. The document informs recipients that the resource should be printed and shared with first responders, school resource officers (SROs), DARE Officers, and others who might respond to calls for reports of sextortion, to leave the resource guide with victims and their families.

Date Published: June 1, 2023