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OJJDP Annual Report 2000

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Date Published
June 2001
84 pages

This report describes the purpose and activities of the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) and details its activities and accomplishments during fiscal year 2000.


The report notes that the arrest rate for violent juvenile crime decreased 36 percent in 1999 from its peak in 1994, but many serious challenges remain that require the ongoing attention of the juvenile justice system. During fiscal year 2000, OJJDP sponsored a broad array of research, demonstration, and training initiatives to improve State and local juvenile programs and to benefit private youth-serving agencies. Seven components within OJJDP carry out these initiatives. OJJDP collects and disseminates crucial statistics regarding juveniles; funds both short-term and longitudinal studies; funds and evaluates demonstration programs; and provides training and technical assistance to policymakers and practitioners. OJJDP also provides seed money to States and local governments through formula and block grants to help them implement effective and promising programs. In addition, an intensive information dissemination strategy includes print and electronic products as well as a web site. OJJDP continued to build on lessons learned from past activities in fiscal year 2000 and also continued to emphasize the need for collaboration among State and local agencies, communities, and components of the juvenile justice system to address juvenile crime and victimization. OJJDP also administered many new program activities during fiscal year 2000. Priority areas in fiscal year 2000 included gang programs, programs to meet the needs of at-risk and delinquent females, mental health programs, the Safe Start program for young children, and the Tribal youth program. Many programs that OJJDP supported were funded through a competitive application process. Tables and list of publications produced during the year

Date Published: June 1, 2001