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Tribal Juvenile Healing to Wellness Handbook: Practical Planning and Supportive Tools

NCJ Number
Date Published
November 2017
125 pages

This handbook for developing a Tribal juvenile healing to wellness court provides guidance in planning and implementing the court and providing services for Tribal youth.


The Tribal juvenile healing to wellness court is a "problem-solving" court that develops and provides coordinated and supportive responses that assist justice-involved juveniles in meeting the challenges of changing their problem behaviors. Generally, the Tribal juvenile healing to wellness court applies judicial management of a juvenile's participation in treatment tailored to his/her needs, with attention to Tribal cultural norms and positive community involvement. The handbook's section on "planning" a juvenile healing to wellness court focuses on engaging key community members in the development of a relevant court process; implementing processes to support community buy-in and sustainability; coordinating efforts from various disciplines; and building a foundation for effective implementation. The handbook's section on "implementation" focuses on initiating processes, screening and assessment for case planning, and applying intensive and culturally appropriate judicial intervention to support Tribal youth. The handbook's section on "service provision for Tribal youth" addresses the cultivation of effective methods for case management and team collaboration; improving the system through reflections, trends, and lessons learned, planning for the future (sustainability); and working to create a safe environment in which tribal youth can receive reinforcement for positive behaviors.

Date Published: November 1, 2017