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Youth Gang Programs and Strategies

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Date Published
August 2000
86 pages
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This document describes youth gang programs and strategies.
The document describes programs and strategies in seven sections: Prevention Programs, Intervention Programs, Suppression Programs, Strategies Using Multiple Techniques, Multiagency Initiatives, Comprehensive Approaches to Gang Problems, and Legislation. In addition, it assesses youth gang programs and examines stereotypes versus modern youth gangs. The report recommends 12 principles for effective youth gang programs and strategies. It concludes that, despite recent progress in preventing involvement in gangs during childhood and adolescence and in reducing serious and violent gang crime, the complexity of the youth gang problem defies an easy solution or single strategy. The most effective program model will likely prove to be a combination of prevention, intervention, and suppression strategies integrated in a collaborative approach, supported by a management information system, and validated by rigorous evaluation. It suggests that State and local governments systematically examine their youth gang programs to determine what is or is not effective, data that will benefit communities across the Nation. Tables, notes, figures, references, resources, index

Date Published: August 1, 2000