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Introduction to the Comprehensive Gang Model | Community Violence Intervention—Addressing Gangs Series

This webinar held on April 15, 2021 serves was the first in the "Addressing Gangs" webinar series, which provides participants with an in-depth understanding of the process to implement a comprehensive gang reduction strategy in their community as well as practical guidance and resources. This series is intended for community organizations, local government leaders, law enforcement officials, and other stakeholders in communities impacted by youth gangs that are interested in a multidisciplinary strategy such as the OJJDP Comprehensive Gang Model (CGM or the Model).

This webinar serves as an introduction to the CGM and its five core strategies—social intervention, community mobilization, suppression, opportunities provision, and organizational change and development—with a Q&A to address questions for those interested in the Model.

Following the completion of this webinar, viewers will be able to:

  • Understand the benefits of a comprehensive approach to criminal gang reduction.
  • Articulate the five core strategies of the Comprehensive Gang Model.
  • Identify additional resources available to help with strategy implementation.
  • Begin the development of a process for implementing a comprehensive, multidisciplinary gang reduction strategy.
Date Published: April 15, 2021