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Evidence-based research

Literature Review: Children Exposed to Violence

There is a large body of evidence examining the relationship between childhood exposure to violence (CEV) and unwanted psychological, behavioral, health, and socioeconomic outcomes (Afifi et al., 2020; Carlson et al., 2019; Farrell and Zimmerman, 2018; Fitton, Yu, and Fazel, 2020; Lippard and Nemeroff, 2020; Polanin et al., 2021; Weissman et al., 2020). This relationship has emerged as an important topic of research, as it...

Law Enforcement Listening Session

Date Published
July 2011
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Technical Assistance, Program/Project Description, Instructional Material, Conference Material

Literature Review: Teen Dating Violence

During adolescence, many youths enter their first romantic relationship (Goncy, Farrell, and Sullivan, 2016; Scott et al., 2011; East and Hokoda, 2014). In some of these romantic relationships, adolescents may experience teen dating violence, as either a perpetrator or a victim—and many as both (Basile et al., 2020; Taylor and Mumford, 2016; Ybarra et al., 2016). Such abuse or victimization can have significant impacts on...

Reducing Crime Among Youth at Risk for Gang Involvement

Date Published
November 2018
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Research (Applied/Empirical), Report (Study/Research), Report (Grant Sponsored), Program/Project Evaluation, Program/Project Description
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