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Client Evaluations of Gang Services: An Analysis of Client Responses Gathered During the National Youth Gang Suppression and Intervention Project

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May 1990
39 pages
Data from 124 former gang members and clients of gang programs in six program sites and two conference sites were used to determine what services were received, how effective participants felt the services to be, and reasons for leaving gangs.
Fifty-nine participants were former gang members; the rest were current or potential gang members. A total of 66.1 percent were Hispanic, and 29.1 percent were black. A total of 17.7 percent were females. Recreation and sports were the most commonly reported services and the services regarded as most helpful. No relationship was found between site, race and ethnicity, and gang membership status and the number of services received. In addition, a logistic regression analysis revealed that only the age of the participant significantly predicted whether or not the participant was an active gang member. Tables, appended study instrument, note, and 4 references

Date Published: May 1, 1990