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Juvenile delinquency prevention

OJJDP 2022 Listening Sessions

Over the summer, OJJDP hosted a series of listening sessions and town halls with stakeholders, national partners, and youth. The sessions provided OJJDP an opportunity to learn about practitioners' challenges and successes, as well as the lived experience of youth with the juvenile justice system. Feedback from these events will inform OJJDP's approach in advancing the Office's three priorities:

  • Treating children as children.
  • Serving...

OJJDP FY 2022 Youth Violence Prevention Program

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For this solicitation, applicants must develop and implement a youth violence prevention strategy targeting middle and high school age youth and/or those youth having multiple risk factors for violence.

OJJDP FY 2022 Multistate Mentoring Programs Initiative

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This program supports the implementation and delivery of mentoring services to youth populations that are at risk or high risk for juvenile delinquency, victimization, and juvenile justice system involvement.

Department of Justice Awards More Than $100 Million To Support Youth

FY21 Funding Awards

The Department of Justice's Office of Justice Programs (OJP) announced awards of nearly $103 million to support youth and equity in juvenile justice systems.  

"Reforming our juvenile justice systems, mentoring our youth and helping young people find a path forward to a safe and bright future are central to our mission at the Office of Justice Programs and remain top priorities of this administration,"...

OJJDP Is Taking Action To Achieve an Equitable Juvenile Justice System

By Chyrl Jones, Acting OJJDP Administrator

When President Biden proclaimed October 2021 as National Youth Justice Action Month, he noted that far too many young people have been "sidelined by unnecessary encounters with the justice system." Citing the adverse effects of system involvement, the President called for a national shift from incarceration to prevention.

National Youth Justice Action Month supports intervention and prevention strategies...