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Juvenile Offenders and Victims: 1997 Update on Violence

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Date Published
August 1997
55 pages
This statistical summary presents raw data needed to address the problems of juvenile crime and victimization.
The report includes statistical data and discussion concerning: (1) Victims (homicide victims; suicide; victimization; abuse and neglect); (2) Offenders (homicide offenders; high school students and weapons; victim reports of juvenile offenders; juvenile arrests; violent crime arrest trends; offense-specific arrest and clearance trends; state and county violent crime arrest trends; juvenile court careers; time of day; gun use; state legislatures on juvenile crime; juvenile transfers to criminal court; trying juveniles as adults; judicial waiver; sentencing serious and violent juvenile offenders; violent juvenile court cases; Canadian juvenile violent crime); and (3) Corrections (custody population; state custody populations; crowding in custody facilities; minority overrepresentation in custody facilities; youth held in adult jails; youth and the death penalty). Figures, tables, sources

Date Published: August 1, 1997