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Standards Relating to the Juvenile Probation Function - Intake and Predisposition Investigative Services

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These juvenile justice standards focus on juvenile court intake, predisposition investigations and reports, organization and administration of juvenile intake and predisposition investigative services, and intake and investigative personnel.
A central premise of the standards for the intake function is that intake screening and certain forms of nonjudicial handling of juveniles should be encouraged. The standards call for the narrowing of the range of intake dispositional alternatives by eliminating those forms of nonjudicial dispositions with safeguards against abuse. The standards also recommend the introduction of procedural due process protections for juveniles during the intake process. The endorsement for the making of predisposition investigations and the use of predisposition reports by the court in making a dispositional decision with respect to a juvenile adjudicated delinquent is qualified. The standards contain requirements regarding access to predisposition reports so as to prevent the court from being prejudiced by the contents. Standards relating to the organization, administration, and financing of intake and investigative services are intended to secure the effective and efficient delivery of these services. The key standard in this area provides that these services be administered by an executive agency rather than by the judiciary. Standards for intake and investigative personnel concern qualifications and selection of officers, tenure and promotion, education and training, salary scales, workloads and staff ratios, and the employment of paraprofessionals and the use of volunteers. A bibliography of 87 listings is provided. (Author summary modified)

Date Published: January 1, 1980