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Multi-Method Study on Risk Assessment Implementation and Youth Outcomes in the Juvenile Justice System

Goals and Objectives

In this study, the University of Cincinnati is examining the implementation practices within three states (Arizona, Indiana, and Ohio) that are implementing the same risk and needs assessment tools-the Ohio Youth Assessment System (OYAS)-and assessing the impact on system and youth-level outcomes, including recidivism.

The study is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Describe risk and needs assessment tool use and implementation at various decisionmaking points in the juvenile justice system across states and develop recommendations for best practices concerning training, monitoring, and use.
  • Assess court and programming outcomes based on varying practices in assessment tool use and implementation.
  • Evaluate how recidivism changes with the implementation of assessment tools in the juvenile justice system.
  • Evaluate both justice-related and other relevant youth outcomes associated with decision-making based on the use, monitoring, and implementation of assessment tools.

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Date Created: March 30, 2020