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Eligible entities may apply for available training and technical assistance from OJJDP's TTA network of providers through the TTA360 request management system.

Need Training and Technical Assistance? Access TTA360

TTA360 is OJJDP's centralized training and technical assistance (TTA) request system. It offers a single point of entry to access the full range of OJJDP's TTA services and network providers. Through TTA360, users can submit a TTA request, create an account, and view status of requests.

Launch TTA 360

Flow of a TTA Request

TTA requests submitted via the TTA360 system are assigned to an OJJDP TTA provider. The TTA provider manages the remainder of the TTA request’s lifecycle.

1. Request for TTA Submitted

  • OJJDP’s NTTAC analyzes each request submitted through TTA360 and assigns it to the appropriate OJJDP TTA provider.

2. TTA Provider Accepts Request

  • The assigned provider reviews the TTA request to ensure they can assist and either accepts or declines the request.
  • If the assigned provider declines the request, OJJDP’s NTTAC will consider the request for further assignment.

3. Management of TTA Request

  • Once accepted, providers will:
    • Contact the requestor to determine scope and outcomes expected.
    • Develop a TTA implementation and delivery plan.
    • Assign consultant/subcontractors as needed.

TTA Eligibility

The following entities are eligible to receive technical assistance from OJJDP TTA providers:

  • Local governments
  • Organizations supporting the justice system's response to juvenile delinquency and victimization
  • Practitioners, constituents, and juvenile justice and child victimization prevention professionals supporting the justice system’s response to juvenile delinquency and victimization
  • States and territories
  • Tribal jurisdictions 

OJJDP's TTA Network

Each year, thousands of juvenile justice practitioners, policymakers, and constituents receive TTA services through OJJDP’s network of approximately 50 TTA providers.

Access the TTA Provider Directory 

TTA Help Desk

OJJDP's NTTAC provides an interactive Help Desk for professionals and other key constituents who are interested in juvenile justice and child victimization issues. Help desk staff locate resources, assist with access to technology platforms, compile guidance documents for TTA professionals and the field, make referrals, and provide other services to meet requestors' needs. The Help Desk is accessible by phone and email.

You can reach the Help Desk Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET by phone at 833–647–0513 or email at [email protected].

Date Created: August 16, 2019

OJJDP TTA Provider Resource, Event, and Spotlight Submission Form

OJJDP’s training and technical assistance (TTA) providers should submit upcoming events and all resources (toolkits, white papers, etc.) developed with grant funding to OJJDP. 
This form allows TTA providers to easily submit that information, along with spotlights that give TTA providers an opportunity to showcase the impact of their work on communities around the country. 

Submit Your Content to OJJDP's NTTAC