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Youth on Probation
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Youth on Probation

Probation is a mechanism used by juvenile justice agencies at many different points in the system. It serves as a sanction for youth adjudicated in court, and in many cases as a way of diverting youth referred for a status offense or youth referred for their first delinquency offense from the court system. This section documents the number of delinquency cases that receive a probation disposition based on data collected through OJJDP’s the National Juvenile Court Data Archive.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) provide the latest answers to the most commonly asked questions about youth on probation. Here you will find information on how courts use probation and on the number and characteristics of cases that receive a probation disposition.

Probation as a Court Disposition

  • When is probation supervision used by the court? [Answer]  Updated
  • How many delinquency cases receive probation as the most restrictive disposition? [Answer]  Updated
  • What are the characteristics of cases placed on formal probation? [Answer]  Updated
  • Do trends in the number of adjudicated cases receiving probation vary by offense? [Answer]  Updated



Date Created: June 1, 2023