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Administrator's Message: Pursuing Racial Equity and Fairness

February 2023
Administrator Liz Ryan underscores OJJDP's commitment to pursue racial equity and fairness in the juvenile justice system as the Office celebrates Black History Month. She discusses OJJDP's effort to eliminate racial disparities in the juvenile justice system through its funding priorities and technical assistance provided to states developing plans to increase equity for youth.

OJJDP Observes National Mentoring Month

JUVJUST, National Mentoring Month, est. 2002
Source: MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership (see reuse policy).

President Biden proclaimed January as National Mentoring Month, a nationwide observance honoring today’s mentors and encouraging communities to engage in mentoring activities to ensure positive outcomes for youth. 

"A rising number of adolescents are experiencing mental health challenges, including from bullying and social media harms. 

That is why, as part of my Unity Agenda I announced in my State of the Union address, my Administration

New OVC Resources Help Tribal Youth Victims and Witnesses Navigate the Justice System

JUVJUST - Maggie Mercury Teenage Extraordinaire

The Office of Justice Programs' Office for Victims of Crime has updated its online Child Victims and Witnesses Support Materials with resources to help children and youth in Tribal communities involved in the justice system as victims of or witnesses to a crime.

The updated resource material includes picture books, comic books, and graphic novels by Native artists and authors. The material features artwork and...

Bureau of Justice Statistics Releases Report on Sexual Victimization in Juvenile Facilities

The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) has released Facility Characteristics of Sexual Victimization of Youth in Juvenile Facilities, 2018 – Statistical Tables. The report presents statistical tables of youth-reported sexual victimization rates by juvenile facility characteristics, including organizational structure, staff, and atmosphere. These tables supplement the full BJS report Sexual Victimization Reported by Youth in Juvenile Facilities, 2018. 

The report also provides facility-reported data on staff hiring in...

OJJDP Announces New Job Openings

Join our team! OJJDP works with national, state, local, and Tribal organizations to prevent juvenile delinquency, improve the justice system, and protect children.